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The New Avenger

The New Avenger

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Digit By bex1112 Updated 4 days ago

Everything's different now, after the Giant War. So even after arriving home Percy can't tell anyone the truth; not his mom, not his new, rather odd, neighbor, not the friends he makes all together to quickly and too well. But the truth always hurts and somehow, the truth always shows.  Maybe its a good thing that his new neighbor, Peter Parker, is just a little too observant. Or maybe it isn't. 
    Meanwhile the world is changing. New threats have risen and been defeated. Now though, the mortal and immortal worlds are mixing, despite all efforts to stop them. But people are disappearing, people are dying. Things are striking just a little to close to home. Surely there must be someone at fault. Innocence and guilt mean nothing in this blame game, because with all this hurt, with all this death, with all this pain, isn't everyone somehow to blame?
     But maybe they aren't so different, Peter and Percy. Maybe they can find a way to work together, fight together, stop this all consuming darkness that begs to come forth together. Or maybe they can't. Maybe they are forever, always, doomed to be just one moment to late.
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    Thanks to @CHAOS_WAYNE for making an amazing cover! (actually, she made 3 because I'm indecisive)

Oh jeez we've got a Draco Malfoy on the radar -
                              - WHOOPS wrong fandom. XD
*thinking* I noticed Amazon was a little slow lately... must be the lack of the group members....
Give him a break! He just nearly died, ok! Did u go through 2 wars? No I didn't think so!
My poor, sweet, precious demigod has PTSD. I just wanna give him a hug.
rica2330 rica2330 Jun 19
Hmm. I don't hear much respect for the guy who saved the world. Twice.
I Guess that's life Perce. 
                              Life:Oh u solved this already? Here's another one for u!