The Celestail Games

The Celestail Games

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Red of Wraith By 666reddog Completed

Once every 10 years a set of games play out for young wizards to appease the Celestail Gods. The games used to be a place for fun and joy until the ruler of the Celestail Gods child got murdered in the human world along with her husband. Even his grandchild went missing. Since then the games have gotten deadly.

Lucy Heartfilla and Natsu Dragneel had been friends since childhood and since Lucy's mother and father were murdered right before her eyes Natsu and his father Igneel have been protecting her under the Dragneel roof. Lucy has never left the Dragneel mansion and was always around Igneel, Natsu or their maid Spetto.

This year in the games Natsu had been training to get a wish to find his brother and to tell the Celestail Spirit King that Lucy was still alive. Sadly he didn't get along well with others. How was he going act with a team? What happens when Mard Geer finds out about Lucy? What happens when uncontrollable powers are put together?

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luvtofu luvtofu Jul 19, 2017
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I don't really acre about how you spelled Celestial. I was just saying it the way you wrote turned out wrong.
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Hi_how_you_doing what is the ship balu what pairing is that?
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I want it...... I want it..... * turning to Satan soul * ...... I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!
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                              Gotta correct that mistake in my story
                              I wrote bear instead of bare too
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Michelle is EVIL! 
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