Watching Miraculous

Watching Miraculous

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Ludeedo By Ludeedo Updated 5 days ago

When Marinette, Adrien, Alya, and Nino find them self in a room watching a show called 'Miraculous'.

I do not own these characters, the belong to the creators of 'Miraculous.'

*Also I love this cover, I didn't make it I found it online. So whoever made it gets the credit.*

MJfanjustin MJfanjustin Jul 06
Well what do you know that's what my younger sister does except i don't really say yes rather than get pissed off and yell at her
RebuildingThe4thWall RebuildingThe4thWall Nov 12, 2016
This sounds more Annabeth then Leo Leo would be more like IMMA SASSY AND I'M GOING TO SASS YOU OUT LITTLE MORTAL
Kailaina_nekoCherri Kailaina_nekoCherri Nov 28, 2016
Who started the watch thing I never seen it with other fan fiction
PuppyDoll16134 PuppyDoll16134 Jul 17, 2016
Great even of I'm late yeah so ur Awsome and it's great it's just the 4 so only there closes friend know there identys not more kids
Ludeedo Ludeedo Jun 22, 2016
Hehe, that was my reaction, the L = Ludeedo (my username *duh*)
demon_child5 demon_child5 Dec 15, 2016
Ya know, this is original. Just those 4 and not the ENTIRE class