He's still obsessed?  (Sequel To Is He Obsessed)

He's still obsessed? (Sequel To Is He Obsessed)

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Eden Biersack By Jvst_Eden Completed

Now 21, Bella thought her life was going to be normal after her stalker/attacker was put in a psychiatric hospital, but  5 years later all of that changed, he's not only after her, he's after her entire family, he wants revenge and will stop at nothing to get it, he also still wants Bella to marry him and have his babies, it'll be difficult because he still loves her but at the same time he wants to slit her throat open
what will be Bella's choice?
Will she marry him?
Or will she diss him and put herself and her  family in danger?

I grabbed the bottle of coke and turned the corned to be met face to face with...Andy?!

"You fucking thought I wouldn't find you?" He asked in a cold tone with a deadly look in his eyes

"I don't fucking love you Andy, stay out of my life!" I yelled at him

"Admit it, you know you wanted to have our baby, you know you love me" He said, I glared at him angrily and put the coke back and stormed out of the store and got in my car and drove off

Fucking dammit!

SoundlessFOB SoundlessFOB Oct 21, 2016
I hate cereal and I can't be fūcked with toast but I like grapes... I should eat grapes for breakfast
FreakShow4 FreakShow4 Jun 28, 2016
PLEASE UPDATE I'M DYING! BTW YOU SHOULD DO @jocelyn_biersack264 idea
moemoney09 moemoney09 Jun 25, 2016
Run bitch run...u might not be pregnant  cause sometimes you don't get pregnant.. She should of got a birth control shot
RaylahM RaylahM Oct 12, 2016
Can u make this take a turn real quick and make so this bitch dies of legends gun to his head ... That would be nice