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Elizabeth Reyes By elizabethreyes__ Updated Jun 22, 2016

When tragedy strikes in the ring, Giovanni Bravo falls into a deep depression, walking away from his dream of boxing to train instead. He agrees to a two month get-away, helping train Felix Sanchez, his high school buddy and now welterweight champ of the world. Once at Felix's lavish boxing complex, he's reunited with Bianca Rubio, someone he remembers only as the girl with the innocent doe eyes back in high school. Her refreshing, cheerful demeanor not only takes Gio's mind off his troubled conscience, he finds himself falling for her fast and hard. The problem-Bianca is Felix's girlfriend.

As it becomes more and more difficult to resist the mutual attraction, Gio crosses the line between them. He hopes that one kiss will alleviate the overwhelming temptation and clear both their systems, but it does just the opposite. Their temptation suddenly becomes an overwhelming longing-a longing that quickly forces Gio to realize this is more than just lust. He's fallen hard and to his delight so has she. Now he's forced to make the hardest decision of his life. Risk losing a long time friend or walk away from the only girl he's ever loved.

Adult Contemporary - The story you are about to read is intended for mature readers due to its sexual content and language. It may not be appropriate for all audiences. Please read at your own discretion. This is an extended sample of Gio. One longer than any you can download at any of  the retailers. But the book and all the others in the series are available in it's entirety at all major online retailers!

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- - Feb 07
Are we just going to miss the fact that Trini dude had a pre-existing condition?
justme281119 justme281119 Sep 17, 2017
That's completely different, boxing is a sport and sometimes sports are dangerous. People die playing soccer, that doesn't mean it anybody's fault. If he made the decision to get in the ring and fight, then he knew what he was doing.
rangas_are_awesome rangas_are_awesome Aug 14, 2017
i voted before reading 'cause i know this is gonna be awesome!!
darcell1 darcell1 Apr 30, 2017
His bestfriend, Noah's...* or Noah, his bestfriend's...* idk
psbrown23 psbrown23 Jun 03, 2017
Poor boo-boo. I know he feels bad. This would bother me too.
gwizzl gwizzl Oct 16, 2016
Idk I think punching a guy so hard you stop his heart is guilty enough for me...