My Deaf World BxB

My Deaf World BxB

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Agent_Gemini By Agent_Gemini Updated Oct 16, 2016

Ian Lincoln is a 17 year old boy who has been deaf all his life and has been homeschooled since he was 4. He came out as gay to his father when he was 12 and even though his father is a hard core homophobic he didn't kick him out. His father never paid attention to him only to his 3 older brothers and 2 younger brothers. Then the family has to move from New York to California. Ian isn't like most kids sure he's deaf but he has a mind of his own and can stand up for himself. Ian is always lonely even though he has a big family and lives in a huge mansion and has a lot of money he's still alone. He has 2 secrets no one knows about and he plans on not telling them. 

Dakota Foster is the werewolf captain of the Frontline High School Boys Swim Team and Football Team. Everyone likes him even though he bullies people and when Ian comes along he instantly feels a connection but he bullies Ian what surprised him the most was that Ian did something to him when no one was around. He literally kicked him in the balls.

WARNING: BoyxBoy, Mature Scenes, Language, Violence, MPreg

  • alone
  • boyxboy
  • deaf
  • gay
  • hate
  • highschool
  • homophobic
  • hope
  • hurt
  • language
  • love
  • mpreg
  • rogue
  • romance
  • violence
  • werewolf
I don't think that you need a passport to travel between states.
Zingiberaceae Zingiberaceae Jul 02, 2016
Wait, how is Ian the only werewolf? Was he adopted? Or did he have a different mom compared to his brothers?
Zingiberaceae Zingiberaceae Jul 02, 2016
Why does he need hearing aids if he is deaf? Hearing aids only amplify sound, is that not correct? I