Bucky X Wanda ~ That Winter Witch

Bucky X Wanda ~ That Winter Witch

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AvengersAzzemble By AvengersAzzemble Updated Oct 08

"Keep trying Buck, she has to be here somewhere."
"I'm trying the hardest I can Steve, I can't remember her name..she was beautiful..like I was falling for eternal happiness." I replied slowly.
"I think I know someone who can help." Steve said.

Bucky's memories are flooding back to him, and he pretty much remembers the highlights of his life.

But one of the most strongest events in his life are unreachable.

Almost like they are locked up and sealed away..Love..

OH THANK YOU!!! I needed a doc about them and my friend would not believe me that other people out there ship them...
I'm really looking forward to read this story completely. Please keep updating they're perfect together. Amazing so far!