Lucifer's Mate {Editing}

Lucifer's Mate {Editing}

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goddess By Goddess_of_yaoi18 Completed

Book one

Lucifer the most evil and torturous being to ever live, one day decides to invade the peacful paradise of heaven, for a little fun and while him and his demons are butchering countless angels.
One of those pure and angelic angels catches his eye how ironic an angel would be the God of hells mate.

This story contains:

 yaoi 'guy x guy' 
 and will have abusive and graphic content 
don't read if you do not like that sort of thing.

  • abusivelove
  • angels
  • bdsm
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animefanatic416 animefanatic416 Nov 23, 2017
Lucifer, stop. You've gone too crazy that you've broken the quotation system and have started saying the narrations out loud. Translation: you forgot to put a quotation mark after 'than you'.
GyoCharlie GyoCharlie Jun 20, 2017
You just gave him his own kingdom! Wtc? You should've destroyed him and his followers God!
TeamFreeWillForLife TeamFreeWillForLife Apr 04, 2017
My Name Is Alexander Hamilton And There's A Million Things I Haven't Done But Just You Wait, Just You Wait
animefanatic416 animefanatic416 Nov 23, 2017
I just imagined him attempting a fabulous hair flip, and then another Angel flies by and the wind knocks him down XD
ilovepeas ilovepeas May 18, 2017
Now we have the 7 deadly sins invading the world!
                              Great job God! (No hate against him😇)
Uta-Girl Uta-Girl Jan 29, 2017
But I thought god loves everyone equally? If not then I'm at the bottom of his favorite list