Fade Away ↠ Paul Lahote

Fade Away ↠ Paul Lahote

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marty mcflurry By tyler-heckles Completed

Nelly Black has a bright future ahead of her. She is extremely talented in playing the piano and the violin. Every person who has heard her play falls in love with the music she creates. Nelly is going to go far with her career in music and everyone knows it. 

That's why it's shocking when Nelly learns that she is sick. 

That's why it's devastating when Nelly finds out that she is going to die.

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I kinda don't wanna continue reading this story because I'm afraid Nelly's going to die :(
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When I read the summary for this book it sounded a lot like the anime your lie in april.
maddisonnm maddisonnm Jul 10, 2017
I like the fact that you're completely honest. No one can call you out on anything and I also like the fact that you just say "I barely care about this story" because you're being truthful and it's blunt and I love it
jennieneketin jennieneketin Jul 02, 2017
That makes me think of "Your Lie in April" an amazing anime. I was gonna put a description but it would be a bit long. I'm not good at descriptions
cardiosurgeon003 cardiosurgeon003 2 days ago
sound like my mom, she hates it when i play piano, and she turns on a movie, she is all like, i just started watching a movie, come on over here and watch it with me, but i need to practice my piano