TIME :: Bucky Barnes [1]

TIME :: Bucky Barnes [1]

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[captain america: the first avenger]

"Time is still the great mystery to us. It is no more than a concept; we don't even know if it exists."
-Clifford D. Simak

In which a girl learns the probability of time travel and love

  • buckybarnes
  • captainamerica
  • jamesbarnes
  • sebastianstan
  • steverogers
  • thefirstavenger
The cold never bothered her anywa-wait whoops I guess it’s the cold bothered her anyway???
whylqh whylqh Dec 28, 2017
There gonna hate each other first but start falling for one another.
Eday456 Eday456 May 06
Why is it that if someone is describing an English person they always call them British but if their Irish or Scottish they don’t
lumosmaxima-- lumosmaxima-- Sep 05, 2017
Well ain't this a surprise. 
                              well we knew time travel would be a part of this and the only reason why is so we can go back to before Bucky "died" and well...
That my mums nickname for all my my cousins because they couldn’t say Lorna but they sure can say lauran alright great 😂😂
-RiddlesQueen- -RiddlesQueen- Nov 06, 2017
                              Bucky: Yeah?
                              Me: Bucky meet Margo
                              *Bucky looks at Margo*
                              Me: NOW GET MARRIED