My Little Jackaboy {Septiplier} |DISCONTINUED|

My Little Jackaboy {Septiplier} |DISCONTINUED|

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ErRor #808080 By shiverfawkes Updated Aug 18

This story was discontinued, and a new story was written with the same aspects. You're very welcome to read this story. But don't expect an ending.

(#927 in fanfiction 19.02.17)

(This is a book about a Cg/l relationship and age play, if you're not comfortable or don't know either of those phrases, I'd advise you do your research before reading this.)

((This story also features a pet-play relationship, the same advice above should be noted, both age-play and pet-play are subsets of BDSM, but there will be no smut in this book))

[okay I'm actually really proud of myself because that sounded very fucking professional]

aren't some dogs blue? not like vibrant blue, but like , dark grey-ish blue?
Toukai5555 Toukai5555 Mar 14
You're definitions were enough for me to just go on without Google. :3
If he was acting five why does home have a phone and swear hmmmm (soz had to)
I like the "sucking his thumb" part. Reminds me of how immature I am
pappapyro pappapyro Feb 06
Speaking of search history- why are ye all so proud of keeping your stuff on private? XD
pappapyro pappapyro Feb 06
Felix wants to do a lot of things...
                              Don't take that out of context ya dirty bastard