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Yandere x Reader (1)

Yandere x Reader (1)

157K Reads 5K Votes 22 Part Story
89_Nui_54 By 89_Nui_54 Completed

Hello, Lovies!! My book is about a male Yandere pining after a female.

You are a Junior in high school. A recluse who likes to draw and read quietly in the privacy of your room . You live with your older brother but he is barely around and when he is he's preoccupied with the women he brings home. At school, you are bullied or ignored. The closest person you can call a 'friend' is the strange boy who hangs out on the roof with you at lunch. You don't know why but despite his cute looks he makes you uneasy the way he stares at you. His name is Katsu.
It isn't until the students that used to bully you turn up dead and mutilated that you realise Katsu might be behind the murders. But by then its too late.

Best Ranking: #12 in Horror

you acknowledge if we don't have hair
                              WHAT IF WE DONT HAVE EYES??
OokamiBella OokamiBella a day ago
oml if that happen to me,im calling 911 and be telling them someone's trying to kill me.yes bch im overly dramatic
I made up characters in my Yandere X reader fanfics. It took me forever to find names for them.
ShipLover247 ShipLover247 6 days ago
*Hides under bed with tazer,gun,and knife* F!CK THIS SH!T IM OUT. ILL JUST PACK MY STUFF AND LEAVE, EXCAUSE MEH PLZ!
i think you're one of the only people that acknowledge that some people don't have hair
I have weird golden yellow amberish-eyes.People say I have beautiful eyes,but I think it makes me look like an effing snake