[Rogue x Reader] Dragon's Mate

[Rogue x Reader] Dragon's Mate

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steelingdreamtime By steelingtime Updated Aug 03, 2017

[Y/n], a Fairy Tail wizard, was among those who waited for the others for seven years. Bisca brought her to Fairy Tail, practically adopting her as a younger sister. And now [y/n]'s an older sister figure for Asuka, who uses paper magic. Don't let her magic fool you, [y/n]'s very intelligent, and knows it too.

So, when she and the rest of the guild went to watch the Grand Magic Games, and cheer for their friends, she knew what was going to happen in the end. Fairy Tail is going to win.

But she had not planned on a certain shadow dragon slayer, changing her life. Sure his exceed is a total cutie, but that didn't mean she signed up for this. Dragons mate for life, and once they mark you as theirs, there's no going back. Dragons are possessive.  

What is the beautiful [y/n] going to do, now that she's been marked?

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail is the work of Hiro Mashima. You are owned by you. I just wrote a plot(that is probably overused)  for amusement. I aim to entertain. Hehehe! That rhymes. I am good at that without even trying. 


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dude you live in a world where...
                              a blonde can summon a perverted bull
                              a pink hairsd boy can eat fire and lightning
                              a girl can live off breathing
                              a guy can sing sho be do ba and eat cars
                              do you want me to go on?
ChenoaB17 ChenoaB17 Jul 31, 2017
Okay, that's it. Her magic is beautiful and so damn peaceful 0.0
Aquablade1993 Aquablade1993 Aug 04, 2017
Molscoll had that happen to them too. Its not fair for you guys to work so hard and then have someone fake like it's their own
DestinyKaname DestinyKaname 3 days ago
                              IS MY NAME ‘NOT SOME GIRL’
                              BRAH IT’S ‘DESTINY KANAME’
steelingtime steelingtime Aug 05, 2017
For more info: http://my.w.tt/UiNb/oyzJWorNmF by @SuperSuspicious has all the info you need on this issue.
iiCookie_Doge iiCookie_Doge Jul 25, 2017
I needed a yandere rouge moment. I can finally die happy XDD