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Wanting My Step Brother

Wanting My Step Brother

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k a s s By awkwrdly_ Updated 5 days ago

Blake Parker and Alex Grey have been step-siblings since they were twelve. At fifteen, Blake fell in love with her step-brother. But she kept it hidden, no one could ever know of her dark desires for the guy she has to share a bathroom with. 
    Alex knows he has to stay away from Blake. The little girl who stole his heart at the sight of her large green eyes. But she's not so little anymore, and neither is her body. He's had to watch from the shadows as she grows into the mature woman she is now, and resist the urge to touch her. 
    But Blake wants to live a bit on the wild side. She wants to play with fire, even if it means getting burnt in the process.

Funny story my sister woke me up at 4:00 in the morning and since then I couldn't go to sleep so I stay up till morning
then there's me with my beady eyes, big ass nose and shitty skin
Buniitaa Buniitaa Apr 12
Ewww aint nobody want hear those fishy smelling sea puddles 😷😵
Wish I could wake up to a peng guy but no. I wake up to my friggin cat smelling my hair 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
If I wore shorts to school that one lunch moniter who worships Satan and hates my guts would crucify me
SHE GETS ME SO MUCH! In P.E when the teacher tells us 2 run i like take bunny steps and be like "OMG IM GONNA DIEEEE!
                              " I just hate exercise