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Phoenix Drop High-Aphmau's Abused Life-

Phoenix Drop High-Aphmau's Abused Life-

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AliiThatsMeee By LibbyMaeZvhal Completed

Aphmau's dad died when she was 5.
Aphmau's mom was a drug addict.
Aphmau's mom abused Aphmau.
Aphmau felt broken inside.
She went to a new school.
Phoenix Drop High, Where everyone is helping and kind.
It was her first day....
She wore black skinned jeans and a purple crop top and a jacket that covered the bandages and cuts and bruises on her arms.
She had her left side of her face covered with her hair.
Everyone stared.
Everyone whispered.
I THOUGHT THIS IS  A SCHOOL WHERE YOUR HELPFUL AND KIND!!!" Aphmau would always think when she walked down the hall and got started at.
Her left eye would tear up but not drop the tear.
She was stronger then she thought.....
Then she met Laurence.....

I was like this is so cute then read the comments saying cool I have it :/
I understand how it feels I was abused by my dad when my mom died but I finally stopped it and went into adoption and got adopted though my adoptive mother and father think of me as a freak
WhateverKatelyn WhateverKatelyn Dec 16, 2016
Omfg. I love the word scabs. Once I had this giant scab on my leg from a bug bite. And it was coming off, but it hurt too much to pull off the rest, so that night I went to bed and my scab was gone, I looked everywhere and found nothing, so that's when the scab fairy came true.
NekoGriffin NekoGriffin Nov 15, 2016
YYYAAAYY ABUUSEE!!! I'm just kidding!! I just REALLY like the plot line!
NekoGriffin NekoGriffin Nov 15, 2016
Sh!t. Laurance took his shirt off... NOSE NOSEBLEED... YOU LOVE ZANE... *nosebleeds* F@&$!!!
Foreveralone2016 Foreveralone2016 Oct 27, 2016
😍😍 true love happening! Its to bad they are being abused though!😭😭