twink -;; 2jae

twink -;; 2jae

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- "you're such a twink, holy crap."

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MinYoongi41554 MinYoongi41554 Dec 07, 2017
Lowkey feel like if this were irl youngjae would be smacking away jaebum’s hand lmao
2JAE_Y_J 2JAE_Y_J Aug 07, 2017
Awww yoonmin i wpuld love for this to be yoonmin but i aldo live 2jae ehh💞
Bitch I don't even understand pre algebra..  or fractions lmfao
Emo_Wonwoo17 Emo_Wonwoo17 May 28, 2017
AYYYEEEEEEE YOONMIN but tbh I think 2Jae (at least JaeBum) suits the book better so far
muchgayverytrash muchgayverytrash Sep 13, 2017
algebra's easy, geometry is where you start wanting to kill yourself
-eunwoos -eunwoos Nov 07, 2017
ew its pronounced yoonseok not yoonmin you get ur ships wrong on a daily basis