Bad Boy, Isnt So Bad

Bad Boy, Isnt So Bad

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Chapter 1

Emma Pov

I am now 19 years old. I live with my mom and little brother Brady, In Colorado. We struggled to stay stable with my dad death upon us was tragic, but my mom always somehow made the positive out of things. She has got a new job.And that was the first start in a better life. Her job was in Colorado at the time we was in Texas, so we moved, leaving all the devastating memories in the old house. Now I'm determine to make a better living.

I was awoken by the sound of the alarm going off, on the nightstand aside my bed. I throw my Monster High covers over my face to drown out the annoying beeping sound
I know I know, "Monster High"?? really .. you're such a loser!! I thought.

I was lost in my thoughts when my annoying, younger bother; comes bursting in my room. Without even bothering to knock (Yea so much for my respect of privacy Right??)

"Fatbrain, get up!! Mom said breakfast is ready" he said "And please put on some clothes, I can see your Eww YOUR PANTIES!"he scr...