Killer Love (Ninjago X Killer!Reader)

Killer Love (Ninjago X Killer!Reader)

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(Y/N)... The one known for being Ninjago's biggest threat. She's skilled, fast, smart, stealthy, n' strong. No one knows her gender, all except her, of course. She's one of Ninjago's most wanted. Even the serpentine have a hard time beating her reputation and skills. And there's a reason why. No one knows her real name, so they call her the 'Soul taker.' But the reason she's wanted.... Is far too unforgettable for anyone. She slaughtered her parents for an unknown reason, kidnapped many, and took the lives of many.

    One cold and dark night, she was about to slit the throat of a girl around the age of thirteen, when the ninja burst through the room (Y/N) and the girl were in. They were in the thirteen-year old's room, the walls coated with pink, along with small portions of blood. That was the girl's own blood, to be exact. (Y/N) had 'punished' the girl, as she had claimed (Aye lass, don't think dirty).

   "Hey! Stop right there!" The ninja in blue gi had shouted at the smirking, yet angered, (Y/N). (Y/N) had only laughed at the blue ninja's attempt to stop her, and slashed the sharp blade across the trembling thirteen-year old girl, sending the thick, red liquid flying across the room, and all over the five ninja's gi. (Y/N) only laughed as she dropped the now dead girl to the ground, and punched the window to her right with her fist, shattering the glass.

   "Catch me if you can~" (Y/N) teased, jumping out the window and landing gracefully on her feet, running into the nearby forest, the five ninja running after her.

   "Hey grapefruits, think fast!" The (H/C) haired female shouted, looking over her shoulder, throwing five daggers towards the ninja. Their eyes widened, barely dodging the sharp dagger's blade. Unfortunately for the red ninja, one of the blades managed to graze across his left upper bicep, tearing some flesh, red liquid seeping through the freshly made cut.

   As (Y/N) ran deeper into the eery forest, she knew the ninja were catching up...

Gonzeli1001 Gonzeli1001 Jul 09
Even though I keep leaving and coming back into the ninjago Fandom . This story looks amazing just by the description (⭐️o⭐️)