Royal Blood

Royal Blood

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"I've been told that every young girl dreams of being a princess. That they want to wear the big ball gowns and meet Prince Charming. They want to have all the riches and the admiration that comes with the job. They want the fairy tale life.

What they don't want is having to call their own mother "Your Majesty" when they are surrounded by other people. They don't want cameras flashing every time you enter your house, or in my case a palace. They don't want the hate and spite that also comes with job which is more common now than it was before the unspeakable disease.

I should know because this is my life."

Alexandria Willows is the princess of the country Strongwell, one of the two countries on planet earth. Alexandria constantly lives in her mothers shadow, always being told that she is 'too young' to have an opinion on the things that matter but can her opinion be any worse than her mothers? 

The princess desperately wants to change the way the country is run and she'll do everything she can to make that happen. Even if that means leaving everything she has ever known behind.

NSAN21 NSAN21 Nov 05
Well, actually my mom wants me to be like a princess. So yeah, she buys me dresses with Disney's princesses. XD
                              I think for a prologue this is a fantastic start to your story! Grammar wise, you do not have any noticeable mistakes, which is a fantastic thing! You have really made the reader to want more! I loved that you kept this at a perfect length for the prologue! :) I can't wait to read more!
Tika-Reads Tika-Reads Nov 23
Great start! The prologue is short but just interesting enough to get the reader hooked.
Wow. This is very short. I'm not sure how to describe it in any other way. But anyways, just check out for punctuation errors. Other than that, it's fine. X
kathiel12 kathiel12 Nov 15
Nice prologue.  So basically she's a princess that doesn't want to be princess.  Checking out where this leads.
Nice! I am super intrigued. I can see how this would be true.