Hearts of Glass (Larry)

Hearts of Glass (Larry)

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e f f i e By pocketlouis Updated Apr 02, 2015

Leaving life as they once knew it behind, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles find themselves moving away to London. With the new responsibilities of university, work, and friends, they find themselves now facing the real world. 

The real world past a golden telescope, care free nights, parties, homework, friends, and getting into trouble without major consequence. 

The real world past a house made of glass, a privileged lifestyle, expensive cars, butlers, dinner parties, and being protected from the dangers of real life. 

This is their story: a story of uncovering secrets and striving in the real world.

[The Official Sequel to The Glass House]

MyJamsAreInfires MyJamsAreInfires Sep 19, 2016
oml the comments didn't show up so I thought i was the only one to comment that XD
__thatsnotmyname__ __thatsnotmyname__ Oct 29, 2016
I always laugh when boys where towels after coming out of the shower idk why tho, cuz it just reminds me of those rlly long skirts that my mum wears and then I just imagine them as my mum and idk it always makes me laugh
Teenyweenytomlinson1 Teenyweenytomlinson1 Nov 06, 2016
By the sentence 'shoving the last bits of his room into the bags' I can just imagine him shoving his bed and stuff into a bag lmao
MyJamsAreInfires MyJamsAreInfires Sep 19, 2016
this is what i ask myself every time i hear pillowtalk come on
MyJamsAreInfires MyJamsAreInfires Sep 19, 2016
:D i love it already, and can't wait to read the rest, but at the same time i don't want to finish this book~~
Thank god it's her. I thought it was Harry and I was like "we can't have problems already!"