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Waking up this morning was hard, knowing that I had to follow her plan perfectly made me nervous. But she's my best friend, I'd do anything for her. Today is my first day at this school, this school called Stivers School for the Arts in the middle of New York, the school that is my old school's (Vandalia High's) biggest rival. 

As soon as I got up I took a shower, did my morning routine, and dried off putting on lotion, cologne, and my skinny ripped jeans with a baseball jersey. I had my hair straight today since I had to be a "new person" but I knew it would be back curly tomorrow. With that's I walked downstairs to be greeted by my mom, dad and little sister and brother who are twins. My sisters name is Kayley and my brothers name is Kaylen. After eating breakfast with my family I headed out the door and into my moms Camry - yes Camry, I know you guys didn't think I was rich or nun '\__/' I mean my parents make bank but we not to spoiled any ways, onto school.



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- - Jul 02, 2016
Hmm interesting... I like the twist, it's usually the bully who is the rich one and the victim less fortunate in life.