The Devil's Debt

The Devil's Debt

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Just as Hadley Rene didn't think her life could get any worse as a real estate agent, her life takes a turn as she comes face to face with New York City's most renowned CEO and businessman, Vance Pierce. While he demanded a method of payment, she knew love was not the answer.

"How was the coffee today, Sir?" Rich asked as he glanced from his rear-view mirror.
"Fine," I replied. "the company will be seeing a new face in a few days. I need you to call my assistant and have her call Billings Real Estate to let them know a girl of the name Hadley Rene is quitting."
"Of course, Sir. And how lovely! How did she received the job, may I ask?'
Smirking, I ran my tongue over my bottom lip. "She fucked up my suit, Rich."

Thank you @Luna_Flamer for this beautiful cover!

TJs_Story TJs_Story Oct 12, 2016
For it to vast that much I'm surprised he didn't get a good fitting first😂😂
TheaVeraMontesa TheaVeraMontesa Oct 02, 2016
Haha haha! I'm surprised that he said something like that! 👏👏👏
evelynFota evelynFota Mar 03
A suit can cost that much!?  Is is made out of Kevlar or something!?
- - Aug 22, 2016
please look at my book and tell me what you think . and love this anyways lol
- - Jan 08
All authors should just chink this into an author's note somewhere
Olga_GOA Olga_GOA Aug 07, 2016
Agree about part 2. I think if people don't like they shouldn't spread their hate under writer's book.
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