Love Will Remember

Love Will Remember

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Amina and Zaina By aminaandzaina Completed

Book #1 from the song series
Love Will Remember ~ Selena Gomez
"Even if we tried to forget, Love will remember."

When two lovers split, each takes away a portion of the others heart. Never again will our fragile hearts be complete again because love will remember.

After the tragic break up off innocent Maya Watson and notorious bad boy Reece Knight; neither of them can seem to move forward and forget. It wasn't until a trip to the library made them come face to face, eye to eye again; ignited the suppressed feelings. Maya plays it all back again how her and her blind optimism is slowly tearing her down. She regrets that she ignored when they said, "run as fast as you can."

But even if she tries to forget... love will remember.

Book written by best friends Amina and Zaina.
Cover made by @sexyjelena

that was sooooo amazing u guyz im soooo proud of youz woooooowwww soooo gooood