Of The Past That Haunts Us [Soarindash]

Of The Past That Haunts Us [Soarindash]

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Dusk_Writer By bloom424 Updated Sep 04

Takes place right before Newbie Dash, though may contain a few references from future episodes.

        After a rather peculiar dream, Dash is forced to think about somepony who she had loved dearly betraying her.

        On the other hoof, Twilight has asked of her a request which both excited her and formed a sense of dread in the pit of her stomach...

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Well,seeing Soarin again,in your house,along with the other Wonderbolts....it can make you stress,right?
Wow, u guys r total idiots not to recognize Dash (no offense)
Wait,you never knew that a WonderBolt is the bearer/element of Loyalty?i mean heck,its been 5(6?) seasons and you havent known 'bout it?
Fuzzette Fuzzette Sep 10, 2016
Wow!! This fic is amazing! 
                              The dream was just perfect for the start of the story. And then... the Wonderbolts! 
                              I wonder Why Twilight really want to built a stadium o.ó
                              Ok Ill read the next!
Alexwaoii Alexwaoii Jan 04
Say what did she just say spa?! When did the wonderbolts ever liked soa treatments?