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My Villain Academia [My Hero Academia Fanfiction]

My Villain Academia [My Hero Academia Fanfiction]

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Mikey U. By WEirdMorelle Updated Feb 04

"I'm not what they call hero. I don't have any duties to fulfill. I'm not a villain either. So just shut up and behave."

Komatsu Eirin. The only daughter of the most famous Hero and wicked Villain. Eirin lived her life not knowing what is good, or what is bad.

At UA(Yuuei) High, fate has somehow came to show that Eirin would someday realize the difference between good and bad, now that two of her childhood friends appeared.

Izuku Midoriya, a determined boy who wishes to become the greatest superhero like his mentor, the great All Might.

Bakugou Katsuki, strangely enough that he's the opposite of Izuku yet has the same goal. To surpass All Might, that is.

With these three united, countless dangers awaits behind the shadows of Eirin's past.

*Interested to find out the ending? Read and enjoy!*

* * *


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Naoki001 Naoki001 Feb 07
OMG THIS IS JUST AWESOME ALREADY!!! I love stories where villains are the main characters XD
Yandereotaku1 Yandereotaku1 Jul 05, 2016
Deku won't die in fact he's quite similar to kaneki well kuro!kaneki
Not_Such_A_Bad_Thing Not_Such_A_Bad_Thing Jul 02, 2016
I really like it so far! I'm looking forward to your update ^.^
MochiRenn MochiRenn Jun 30, 2016
                              AND I KNOW EVEN I LOVE MY HERO ACADEMIA!!
-_Salty_- -_Salty_- Jan 17
That is me when my Mother yells at me for doing nothing. Just wanna stab her and eat her. But I still love her so I would never do something like that. I love you mum.
WEirdMorelle WEirdMorelle Jun 27, 2016
What the what? A typo? But it'll all end as soon as I got my new phone! HUE HUE HUE!!!