A Hero In Heart But A Villain In Soul » BNHA FF (Discontinued)

A Hero In Heart But A Villain In Soul » BNHA FF (Discontinued)

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❇ Mikey-san ❇ By Wonderwaffle15 Updated Oct 22

Fear, loathing, confusion...
These were mainly the words that can describe someone who can take away a Quirk so easily.

Even from the beginning, Komatsu Eirin had to eat away the Quirk of someone dearly beloved to her. Her Father turned against her at a young age,
learning the ways of a Villain was an option for her.
It was the only way for him to be satisfied.

As years passed, she didn't expect to meet her old childhood friends-- but she'd rather call them as 'close strangers'.
And as she attends UA High, will her Villainy ways come to an end?

Take your time to read and find out.

Credits to @CoFFeeBeaN28 for making the cover I've always wanted! It really is hard to make one out of villains, you know.

* * *


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Deku won't die in fact he's quite similar to kaneki well kuro!kaneki
I really like it so far! I'm looking forward to your update ^.^
                              AND I KNOW EVEN I LOVE MY HERO ACADEMIA!!
What the what? A typo? But it'll all end as soon as I got my new phone! HUE HUE HUE!!!