Fallen To Pieces

Fallen To Pieces

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Ƒяσѕт Ƒιяє By Frost_Fire7 Updated Nov 04

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❝The thing with broken clocks is you can exactly tell when they stop ticking. But, with people it isn't so easy and sometimes you can't even tell they're broken.❞

Kylene Sinclair expected to continue her last year of highschool receiving little-to-no attention. But of course things never turn out her way and she ends up being constanty watched by the Mafia.

From drunken conversations to running for her life, Kylene is in for a whole load of trouble. Let's not forget the undeniably sexy mob boss who will stop at nothing to make her life as fucked-up as possible. And not the kinky kind. 

With her dark past catching up, the broken girl may or may not stand a chance to survive. 

Thank you xflowerpetalsx for this amazing cover and oblivion2507 for helping me with this book!

beonen beonen Sep 11
Why does it say '18' comments? Is it some sort of glitch or...
beonen beonen Sep 11
Most beautiful thing I have ever read!!! Absolutely splendid... if your foreword is like this... the while book will blow my mind off
Mo_Linguish Mo_Linguish Sep 06
Seems like there's four different blurb/summaries for this one story. lol
Mason_Skye Mason_Skye Aug 23
Oh my god this is so deep and poetic and beautiful wow I wish I could write this well
Life can be very depressing , but u have to make sure that it won't completely take over u .. because it would start to become worse than it was before , and that can cause ppl to commute suicide