Do You Like Me?

Do You Like Me?

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Liya By MephyChan Completed

SEQUEL to this book is Daily Life of The Ukes

a new series i made!

so, according to my imagination, the school they are in is unique.
they don't separate uniforms by boy or girl, but by who is seme and who is uke.
so apparently this high school is about how to be a good lover.

shut up this is my imagination okay XD
i can do whatever i want with my imagination and pour it to my story

so Sonic, Silver, and Scourge are ukes in here.
while Shadow, Mephiles. and Fleetway are semes.

Sonic and the other two are freshmen in the new school year.
so that makes Shadow and the other two are their Seniors (SENPAI)

this is a long summary i know, i suck at doing summaries okay.

- yaoi couples
-there might be lemons
-sonadow, mephilver, fleetourge

  • fleetourge
  • fleetway
  • mephiles
  • mephilver
  • scourge
  • shadow
  • shadowseme
  • silver
  • sonadow
  • sonic
  • sonicuke
CraZB352 CraZB352 Mar 22, 2017
When you graduate elementary school you should be about  10-12 given the district you live and they live with no adult supervision I find that really unsettling
melloyelloyolozz360 melloyelloyolozz360 Jun 27, 2016
I think shadow should be wearing purple and red because well there was a guy who met shadow R.I.P
Dwonderwriter0002 Dwonderwriter0002 Jun 24, 2016
So there's no girls in the school? Girl X girl could also be classified as Uke, and Seme.
Shadamy93 Shadamy93 Jul 28, 2016
H I, I like this history (° 〰 °) 
                              And you Drawin is very nice! (° v °) 
                              Silver is very uke!! :3
                              (I idon't know speak good the english,sorry ^ ^" )
- - Jun 22, 2016
I just wish this school was real. I would actually have something to wake up to in the morning besides breakfast.
SaraRomano088 SaraRomano088 Jun 21, 2016
Wow it's an amazing beginning,  i want too a school where teach you love and feeling instead math 😭😭😭😭