Playable Pleasure (Undertale) •Fontcest•

Playable Pleasure (Undertale) •Fontcest•

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Fluff!Fontcest 4LYFE By NeonDreamsAreFiction Updated 8 hours ago

-Playable Pleasure-

Sans settled down on the cold snow, settling his skull on the white fluff on the ground. Beside him was Papyrus, smiling.

"Sans?..." Papyrus gained the older's attention. Sans looked at his brother, who was tearing up.

"Yeah..?" He responded and smiled.

"I love you... Sans..."

"I love you too... Pap.."

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Hello! Welcome to Playable Pleasure. 

This book contains:
Undertale Spoilers
Fluffst (fluff and angst)
Brotherly Love

Smut is not included. This just for fun!

Undertale (c) Toby Fox
Book belongs to me.

obsessionary obsessionary Oct 13, 2016
I just read the first sentence and automatically know this is one of the better fontcest fics on this website. Which is rare! Yay uwu
unknowncrazUTail123 unknowncrazUTail123 Oct 29, 2016
everyone who read this does.... So you can see how many of us do XD
unknowncrazUTail123 unknowncrazUTail123 Oct 29, 2016
@silverybluesnow I did the same but someone showed me why the ship is good and I flipped and went crazy with it.