Playable Pleasure (Undertale) •Fontcest•

Playable Pleasure (Undertale) •Fontcest•

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•Have you ever had that feeling when you and who you love acted like you were just best friends? 

•When you're love was hidden through an unintentional mask of friendship even if it's love in the inside?

•I don't know myself, to be honest.


•Yeah. It makes me slightly mad and pretty sad when they say we're just friends.

-I know the feeling. Hey, want some ice cream to lighten you up?

•Well... Sure. Yeah!

-Great! Come on.



•If you ever leave, know I'll always miss ya, okay? You know I love you... Right?

-Of course I do! And hey... I'll never miss a day without you, okay? Now c'mon I wanna eat that ice cream!

•Heh. Okay! Don't be such a rush!

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Hello! Welcome to Playable Pleasure. 

This book contains:
Undertale Spoilers
Fluffst (fluff and angst)
Brotherly Love

Smut is not included, and never will be. If you add this book to any Smut / Lemon Reading Lists, please know that I will never put smut here.

This just for fun! :3

Undertale (c) Toby Fox
Book belongs to me, and you guys. ❤️

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'He might be taken by someone else' I'm pretty sure Sans would be content to stay single if he isn't with Pap. Relationships take effort. Sans doesn't like making an effort.
I am so glad I'm not the only one who thought GhostbustersXD
LiAwesome13 LiAwesome13 Jul 10
I loved this book so far, so I'm reading it again! Its amazing!!
Nosiepops Nosiepops Mar 26
"When there's something strange, 
                              In the neighbourhood..
                              Who you gonna call?
ChloeGirlHi ChloeGirlHi Sep 23
*Sits on Papyrus' bed as he screams into his pillow.* Pap, Id risk it if I were you. Even if he doesn't feel the same way, HES YOUR BROTHER! He'll never leave you!