Music Shifter

Music Shifter

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Aries Star By zodiacaries Updated Apr 06

You are a secret killer for a few years, nobody can ever track you. You gain  powers are from music

Example: you hear the song unravel from Tokyo Ghoul, you became a ghoul

 what if the creepypasta's find out about you?

This is a reader insert. YOU are the main character
Creepypasta x reader

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So if I listen to the my little pony theme do I become my inner pony???
itzrazzle itzrazzle Apr 02
Ignoring the fact that I am nowhere near as good looking as Hatsune
I remember that this is the first book I read in Wattpad ;w;
                              OH,THE MEMORIES!! ;v;
                              ITS BEEN A YEARS SINCE I READ THIS BOOK ;o; 
                              Thank god its still continues.. ;u;
                              So if I listen to any songs about ANY of the Creepypastas I become them??
                              Bc i'm currently listening to a song called Cybernetic Entities, a BEN Drowned song xD
Tae_Meh_Bae Tae_Meh_Bae Apr 11
wait... if I sing the death note op (the world) WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN TO ME???
This is worse than even "Go to sleep". At least that one isn't going to take you half an hour to say, doesn't use the wrong "your", and... Actually, no, they're both trash-tier, and read the username