Alpha's Choice

Alpha's Choice

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| Book 2 of the 'ALPHA' Series |

Madison, Cole, and Jade have been best friends since they could remember. With Cole's father being the Alpha, Madison's father the Beta and Jade's father Third in Command how could they not?    

Growing up in the werewolf society and being an adolescent teen a lot of things start to change from what one would describe there regular life. Madison the youngest of the three wishes for nothing but the normal life, to have a perfect relationship with her mate and to hang out with her friends.       

She wanted a mate that would love her for who she is and wouldn't care what she looked like. So what happens when she does end up finding her mate, and he rejects her?

| BOOK 2 |
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Viva-V Viva-V Feb 27, 2016
I love how she says the worst part is not being able to sleep 😂
DirtyCyborg DirtyCyborg Dec 28, 2015
Is it the same story? I haven't read the first book of the series, are they connected?
ahayes96 ahayes96 Nov 26, 2015
anyone know where i can find the first one? this book sounds really good and i want to read it, but i want to read the whole series in order
wolves_luver101 wolves_luver101 Jul 30, 2015
I read this story somewhere else in fact it's on my list of favorite reads
some1-special some1-special Jun 27, 2015
This literally describes me except I'm black and don't have dull blue eyes! Yay I  can finally relate with the main girl! *sigh* this a good night :)
iMaCuPCaKe iMaCuPCaKe May 28, 2015
I better not be the only one imagining this chick with a single boob.