The Ice Cold Tiggress [Kakashi's Daughter]

The Ice Cold Tiggress [Kakashi's Daughter]

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Unknown Writer By UnkwnWrtr Updated Aug 25

Hiroyuki is back and ready to kick some Ass.

2 and half years ago, Hiroyuki choose to join the Akatsuki for them to be able to train her.

To be honest, the Akatsuki isn't that bad. Except that they're consist of s-ranked criminals. That's all.

And now, the Akatsuki is back on track.

The tailed beast start to fall one by one.

In the end, who'll she choose?

Her home, Konoha, or her new family, the Akatsuki?

Sequel to The Ice Cold Kitten

Ice Cold Series:
Book 1 = The Ice Cold Kitten
Book 2 = The Ice Cold Tiggress
*Beware of curses on the way*

  • akatsuki
  • fire
  • haruno
  • hatake
  • hokage
  • jounin
  • kakashi
  • konoha
  • leaf
  • naruto
  • ninja
  • rogue
  • sakura
  • sasuke
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  • uchiha
  • uzumaki
OliveTait OliveTait Oct 11, 2017
•He rolled in his grave• Dead, for your information. Boom. End of sequel. Thanks for reading.
xxsugaswifexx xxsugaswifexx Nov 23, 2017
Wait what didnt sasgay hate us and we hated him BC he stabbed us and called us a copy ????
yellowsndblue yellowsndblue Aug 08, 2017
I'm a huge fan of you books the ice cold kitten was amazing you did a good job
Panadapup Panadapup Oct 07, 2016
*sequels like a fangirl* YES! I'm so happy the sequels out!!!!! *thinks: wait I just turned into young ino and sakura **shudders***