M | Bangtan

M | Bangtan

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The blonde-haired female who uses an alphabet letter to hide her identity, suddenly isn't the only one.

Highest Ranking: #116 in Mystery/Thriller on 08/07/16


hoenastae hoenastae Nov 13
n then i realised the thing she listed about dying starts with M
I don't get why girls try so hard to be perfect...I mean,they all are perfect in their own special way so...Why? :/
hoenastae hoenastae Nov 13
/start doing algebra/ i cant find the answer wtf../gets the answer/ HOLY SHAT KIM TAEHYUNG WYD
hoenastae hoenastae Nov 13
because they're desperate to be prettier than they already are
aegitae aegitae Sep 20
min yoongi brings all the girls to the yard and they're like excuse me *insert jimin's voice*
Ok so i get the 951230 which is Taetae's bday....
                              WHAT DOES THE 07 STAND FOR?!?
                              Waitttttt are those the numbers he talked abt during the DOPE behind the scenes thing??? O.o
                              Im watching u Taetae o.o