Wanted: Babysitter [TaeKook FF]

Wanted: Babysitter [TaeKook FF]

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Soonshimee By soonshimee Updated Aug 15, 2016

Jeon Jeongguk is like any normal college student; lazy, hormonal, and broke. And it seems like the flier with printed word saying: "WANTED: BABYSITTER" will be the answer to his prayers, except he'll gain more than something he expected.

Disclaimer: I do not own BTS or anything mentioned in this story. This is purely generated from the author's mind. Please take note that this is a fictional work. RATED M for PROFANITIES, EXPLICIT CONTENT AND DADDY KINK which some of you might found disturbing. I also have decided to make this #TopKookie because most of you want that. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED UPDATES.

*if yall wondering why i use Jeongguk instead of jungkook bc actually his birth name is 전정국 which is basically jeon jeong guk, and if you hear other bts members call him, they pronounce it as jeongguk. idk i like making things complicated orz

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Tae just wanted to be friends with the bike but the bike said No that's why he burned iy
mochismilk mochismilk Jul 07
I always shake in fear at the thought of Tae being buff I stg
sluttyjeon sluttyjeon Jun 30
is the red haired tae, yoongi or jimin bc i imagined it being yoongi
many reasons why the pay is fifty thousand won. First reason the boy is the hottest boy you will ever see other than yourself kookie and there is many more but you can find those out later..
Blueberry528 Blueberry528 Jun 21, 2016
Why do people spell his name like that it is Jungkook and his last name is Jeon
PompomMoofmoof PompomMoofmoof Nov 24, 2016
His name is Jungkook it may sound like jeongguk but it's actually it sounds the same , but Jungkook likes to write his name as Jungkook, just letting you know, but great story