When Death Found Love

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Lucy By Loxsoir Updated 4 years ago
Ethan was given a choice. Life or death. Which would you choose? He chose life, and was given the gift of immortality in order to become death in the flesh. His job was to collect all the souls from people who die in accidents, murders, riots or anything else. Then he met a girl. Something about her makes him forget his place, and he does something he soon regrets. As he tried to erase his mistake, he winds up halfway around the world, thousands of miles away from home, in a desperate attempt to keep her safe and try and find a way to change his future. But, as he soon realised, even the slightest action can change the future of the universe, but can he somehow change what he did and make everything go back to normal? Or will he have to sacrifice the woman he is now falling hard for in order to create the balance again? He begins to understand what he has to do, but can he do it? Or would he rather let innocent people die because of his mistake? The clock is ticking and the future is changing. He has to decide, or will she decide for him?
Adding to my reading list cause I like where this is going already and I only read the description and a few sentences lol It sounds like something i could really get into and I don't normally read on WP. I only have one other story in my reading list...well now two lol
it's short but , I liked it you told the reader everything they need . Awesome job and i'm off t the next chapter =D
this is a good start.  you have great descriptions and details. this is also a very unique story. :)
Interesting start, and I love your character. Amazing characterization and an interesting dialogue!~
This is a great start(: It kind of reminds me of some other book I read...This is detailed&organized! Definitely voting!
Wow amazing start! This is great. Rreading on!! Adding to my library!