Undertale AU: Birdtale - The Girl and the Raven

Undertale AU: Birdtale - The Girl and the Raven

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HoodieGirl15 By HoodieGirl15 Updated Dec 19, 2017

"My name is Frisk. I'm a third-year student in high school. Unlike many students, I don't see my parents often because they're travelling overseas for work. I don't have many friends either. It's probably because I can't really connect with them."

"When I was 15, I thought I was going to snap under all the pressure that I was under."

"But then..."

"I met... him..."


When an unexpected stranger meets a troubled female teenager that he had been watching since she was nine, will she be willing to listen to him? Will she trust him as who he is, rather than what he has done?

Can she trust this raven?

Or will she run away from him?


Inspired by a piece of Birdtale artwork by Cerlinaryuuma on DeviantArt. (Title is 'with you')
Cover art is by joselyn565, an artist on DeviantArt. (Title is 'Little Raven'.)
Birdtale does not belong to me. The owner is janghongi on Tumblr.
Undertale belongs to Toby Fox.
The OCs in this book belongs to me.

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textyoulaterkay textyoulaterkay Sep 14, 2017
                              Ayano, why are you playing BirdTale..?
TotalFreakingFangirl TotalFreakingFangirl Apr 22, 2017
Love atfirst sight is just judging someone by the way they look tho
DayomiDC DayomiDC Oct 02, 2017
"...My Senpai" *Starts saying the entire Yandere Intro...Thing.*
SakuraGirl10 SakuraGirl10 Aug 19, 2017
Rereadimv this so I know what to do for the contest, but i think I'm gonna attempt a comic, and put my other one on hold because that one dosnt have a deadline xD anyways I was gonna say....
                              "My senpai"
StoryshiftFan27 StoryshiftFan27 Aug 13, 2016
*Interesting AU.Welp no spoilers.Let's get straight into it!
StoryshiftFan27 StoryshiftFan27 Aug 13, 2016
It all started on a simple Friday evening.
                              *She fell down a mountain.Found a raven.Trusted him.Befriended him.etc.