Undertale AU: Birdtale - The Girl and the Raven

Undertale AU: Birdtale - The Girl and the Raven

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When an unexpected stranger meets a troubled female teenager that he had been watching since she was nine, will she be willing to listen to him? Will she trust him as who he is, rather than what he has done?

Can she trust this raven?

Or will she run away from him?


A little short story that I made over an overseas trip.  
Probably has less than ten chapters. (I said that it was short, right? =_=)
Inspired by this picture:  http://cerlinaryuuma.deviantart.com/art/with-you-608151560
Cover art is here:  http://joselyn565.deviantart.com/art/Little-raven-616497880
Birdtale does not belong to me. The owner is here: http://janghongi.tumblr.com/
Undertale belongs to Toby Fox.

EDIT (24/8) : Due to the overwhelming responses of fellow readers, this story will be continued. Stay tuned for any new updates~! ;)

*Interesting AU.Welp no spoilers.Let's get straight into it!
It all started on a simple Friday evening.
                              *She fell down a mountain.Found a raven.Trusted him.Befriended him.etc.