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Married by Mistake

Married by Mistake

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Anum Vaania By AnumVaania Completed

#1 in spiritual ( 17/7/16)
I was watching TV then suddenly he came and sit beside he is very close to me I don't know what's going on in his brain because he never did that thing I know we are married but it's not a normal marriage we guys married by mistake yes because of his mistake lead us to get married now he is coming coming further close to me my hair is open so he put my hair on one side and start kissing on my neck he is going passionate I have to stop him  otherwise . I pushed him and got up from couch I asked him what are you doing don't you know was his reply and in few seconds he pick me in bridal style and move towards our bed room I am saying him to let me down but he isn't listening to me at all and in few seconds we reached at our bed room he put me down and locked the door with keys and  he through  keys outside the window I am taking my steps back and he is coming forward he hold my hand and make me fall on the bed he unbuttoned his shirt and through it on the floor and now he came on the top of me I pushed him on one side and get up from bed I don't want this I said why you are shying I mean you have more experience than I because it's my first time with my wife but it's your second time don't you remember you have done this before with your ex he whisper in my ear . you are getting wrong I have done nothing I said but he isn't in the condition to let me talk he is coming closer to me and start kissing but I pushed him and gave him a tight slap and about to leave from there but he stopped me by holding my wrist and tightened his grip on me and he move towards the bed with me and switched off the lights...

maryamjavaid92 maryamjavaid92 Jul 15, 2016
If I would have been in her place I would have stared him like it's his fault that I bumped with him :p
maryamjavaid92 maryamjavaid92 Jul 15, 2016
Early schooling -,- Can't decide whether it's cool or not o_O like u become professional at a very young age but what about ur childhood?! T.T
dhruvikaruvee dhruvikaruvee Aug 21, 2016
Engg is of 4 year course how come she be graduated at 19 years of old ??  Even she started studying from 1st year itself it can't be finish by 19 & moreover nobody can join by 1st year ....
                              Maybe she skipped pre skl its the choice ...
maryamjavaid92 maryamjavaid92 Jul 15, 2016
Okay so I'm just gonna start this story nd yeah I loved the prologue!
StorytellerMuslimah StorytellerMuslimah Jul 16, 2016
Ayeeeee Pakistanis unite (lol) 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰