My Precious Omega (L.S.)

My Precious Omega (L.S.)

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Jenny By JenniferKaid Completed


'Wait for me, my love. I'll come back for you. I love you, my precious omega.'


Warnings-boyxboy, gay smut, Mpreg and lots of fluff.

Editor- @mirellakelly <3

The idea is originally and creatively all MINE! Do not steal or copy! Do not comment or post hate on my work! 

Thanks. xx

kimirine_taekook kimirine_taekook 6 days ago
And 100 from this creepy amethyst eyes (my frens said it looks creepy so I wear black contact lens to cover my amethyst eyes. 😅)
I swear to god ^^^^^ if those were real harry your knot will be tied around louis' neck 'cause we'll cut that off
Baby unless Harold wants to be castrated that's not gonna happen.😊
NiecyPieces NiecyPieces Apr 10
i cried. bitch liam is a great brother. can i trade? all of mine for the price of one yeah?
And 500 from these eyes-that-change-color-randomly-so-I-don't-know-what-color-they-are now