When Hell Freezes Over

When Hell Freezes Over

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"You don't know you you're talking to, huh? Let me give you a quick Wikipedia-page-worthy summary. I'm Mynus Trilio, the oldest, most destructive, lethal, unpredictable person to ever walk this planet. I have wiped out villages within hours. I have killed men, women, and children. I have literally taken candy from a baby. I'm the reason a certain type of tiger went extinct. If it weren't for me, Hitler would've never gotten his debut. So, if you please," He threw me a sadistic smile, "show me a bit more respect."
  Dear Jade, 
	So...did you get your answers? Better yet, were they worth it? Here's one to hold you over: you should've killed them both.

	When you first start off, you will have no friends. No saviors. No comfort. I'm going to give you another answer: the good will not exist by the end of this. Only the bad. 
	The bad has a name. It's Hell. The good also has a name - it's Heaven. Heaven isn't always righteous and Hell isn't always malicious, but there is always balance.  They both share the same name - Trilio. They share similar traits, yet they don't speak to one another. But that had to change, Jade. Because you needed answers.
	Your answers laid in the hands of the Trilio twins, and you were going to get them even if it meant Hell would freeze over.

	Unluckily for you, he did.

- Jae

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The part about the old bar is confusing, I had to read back to check to see if there was a mention of an old bar and a new bar. Also, how does the barkeeper know who the MC is?
embermarina embermarina 3 days ago
I really like it but I would have preferred it being in first person ❤ but other than that it was really good
Change the 'you' in the second sentence to 'me', or try re-wording it as 'It becomes second nature to not care what anyone thinks about you.'
Try actually stating the question, otherwise that last sentence is confusing .
Years ago? I could have mis-read it but  thought she had no memory of more than a year ago??
Roller_Coaster16 Roller_Coaster16 Jun 22, 2016
I really love this! It's so exciting and different from your novels. Best of luck xx