Targeted (Yoonseok)

Targeted (Yoonseok)

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Kayla By applesauce01 Updated Aug 14

Jung Hoseok is  literally the sweetest thing ever. When ever you see him he has that glimmering smile on his face. He is just so thoughtful, so kind, so selfless, so submissive. He is one of the most kind hearted and innocent people around. That's why Min Yoongi targeted him. He liked to prey on those that he thought were weak. 

Jung Hoseok was not what you would call physically weak, he was a dancer after all. He was emotionally weak. His mentality made him weak. The fact that he was so genuinely sweet and forgiving made him prone to be toyed with. He couldn't bring himself to hurt anyone in any way which fuels Yoongi's drive even more.

But over time Hoseok's hopefulness, endurance, and kindness takes it's toll on the cold agressive boy. He starts to feel a way that he had never felt before. And it made him wish that he had left the boy with the beautiful eyes alone.
It is unedited so excuse errors. When I finish I'll fix everything. Thanks for reading.

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