Glitched Love (An Error!Sans X Reader)

Glitched Love (An Error!Sans X Reader)

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Wolfie Kitari By Wolffanggamer Completed

The original description for this does NOT match this book. 

•This is the first, completed book of Glitched Love. 
•The second book is called "Living on a Screen", so you can check that out when finished with this.
•This was my very first book on Wattpad, so I'm sorry if my grammar, spelling, or any of that is off
•Do not read if you don't like:

-Big Plot Lines
-Jelly Skellies
-Bad Grammar
-Fourth Wall Breaking
-Messed Up Plot

Enjoy. ^-^

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0justafangirl0 0justafangirl0 Mar 03, 2017
Okay so, I'm going to ask you to give me permission to use your story ,for my new Series on YouTube.
The_Lolz The_Lolz Jul 12, 2016
Seems good so far. The only thing I would work on, is longer chapters :)
Female_Nighty Female_Nighty Oct 24, 2016
I just want to know who ACTUALLY reads a/n's? I do!
                              Chara: not me lol
                              I DO!!!
garbage_solid garbage_solid Aug 14, 2016
Dude. The place is probably closed or something. Chill. It'll open tomorrow.
Tashacat43 Tashacat43 Sep 18, 2016
Sans: you need to get out of here
                              Me: never!! *gets a knife*
                              Sans: *gasp* it was you!
                              Vivika: *starts cutting cake* it was me What? 
                              Sans: ..... *face palm*
duckswillrule duckswillrule Sep 12, 2016
I picked a blue jacket so sans and me could be
                              *takes deep breath* TWINSIES
                              Sans: *busts through door* TWINSIES