The Four Alphas (On hold)

The Four Alphas (On hold)

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Alex (he/him) By Alex_Salty_Slytherin Updated Aug 12

(BxBxBxB) if you don't like "Gay" actions or stories. Leave. -points at door-

I'm Jason. I'm 18 and a rouge. I have no family besides Kamren. She is like a sister to me. We are both werewolves.

I'm Aldor. Jason's wolf. I don't talk much, ever since our family died. I know something Jason doesn't. We have three mates. Not one, three.

I would literally act the exact same way as Kamren is right now😂
deadwolfs deadwolfs Jan 08
Omg wow ! Three mates .... and all of them are guys.... wow that dude is a bit lucky 😂 But I'm curious how that's gonna work out later on .... 4 dudes dating ???? I hope it doesn't become awkward later on ...., but so far this book is funny and amazing 😊❤❤
deadwolfs deadwolfs Jan 08
Oh wow ! These three were already mated? And their excited for a new mate😂❤❤❤
Amaya2604 Amaya2604 Jan 27
I was so nervous. I don't understand this part but I read "your new, and a rouge" and I calmed down immediately. Was it only me?