The Four Alphas (On hold)

The Four Alphas (On hold)

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Alex (he/him) By Alex_Salty_Slytherin Updated Aug 12, 2017

(BxBxBxB) if you don't like "Gay" actions or stories. Leave. -points at door-

I'm Jason. I'm 18 and a rouge. I have no family besides Kamren. She is like a sister to me. We are both werewolves.

I'm Aldor. Jason's wolf. I don't talk much, ever since our family died. I know something Jason doesn't. We have three mates. Not one, three.

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Maku-Tan Maku-Tan Dec 30, 2017
My scent would probably be macaroni and cheese and asparagus.
Mikeyfan_furever Mikeyfan_furever Aug 12, 2017
I would literally act the exact same way as Kamren is right now😂
Werewolfsun Werewolfsun Feb 26
Im a girl and dont understand why it takes so long to get ready
Law8710 Law8710 Oct 19, 2017
Wow their natural smell is so good. My natural scent would probably be of a dead cow and rotten fish with its guts hanging out its stomach.
deadwolfs deadwolfs Jan 08, 2017
Omg wow ! Three mates .... and all of them are guys.... wow that dude is a bit lucky 😂 But I'm curious how that's gonna work out later on .... 4 dudes dating ???? I hope it doesn't become awkward later on ...., but so far this book is funny and amazing 😊❤❤
Amaya2604 Amaya2604 Jan 27, 2017
I was so nervous. I don't understand this part but I read "your new, and a rouge" and I calmed down immediately. Was it only me?