Sacrificial Love: The Beginning

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Bee By avrillan Updated 4 months ago
Elizabeth Jane Lawson, an Angel of Principalities, kept a clandestine identity. Her charm and power could force a man to his knees, particularly James Peterson, a mere mortal, unaware of her real roles as Guardian of the Earth. When James left her without so much of a goodbye, there came another young man trying to replace James' place in Elizabeth's heart. Charles Haden was determined to make Elizabeth fall head over heels for him. Little did she knew that he was not what he said he was.
    Sent by the devil himself to make a grand entrance for the rise of the dead, Charles had no choice but to obey his master's orders. The High Councils appointed Elizabeth and her family to find the twelve tribes in order to fulfill the prophecy but will they succeed? Will time, power and friendship be the only things Elizabeth needs to sacrifice?
ohhhh!!! I love this one!!! definitely got a spot on my list!
awesomely written since i founded it interesting i added it in my library.
@Ethria I don't see a reason not to be a fan of him *winks back*
OMG CHRIS HEMSWORTH IS ON THE CAST!!!! (going off to chapter one now!)
I like this story already:) It's very well written, I like your use of vocabulary and your descriptions. There were no mistakes either.
                                    I'll give this a 9 out of ten so far:)
Love the quotation at the end and the cover is really amazing :)