F.N.A.F.   Marionette Harmony  (Aphmau Fanfic)

F.N.A.F. Marionette Harmony (Aphmau Fanfic)

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F.N.A.F Maronette knows as Jess died at Freddy Fraz Bear pizzeria on her six birthday. Freddy has kept her in the pizzeria for 13 years since then.

Now 19 yeats old, Jess was finally getting to see the outside world. She is the only one who can do this because she can change meaning she can transform to Marionette or to her human host.

Jess changes her name to Aphmau so no one will know her true identity. She makes friends and some of those people fall in love with her. Aphmau (Jess) trys to act happy for them but soon that all changes when they find out who she really is...

  • action-adventure
  • aphmau
  • drama
  • fnaf
  • marionette
  • sadies
Jiminsqt Jiminsqt Mar 11, 2017
YAY THIS SOUNDS LIKE AN AWESOME BOOK!! And finally someone mentions Nicole!!
GemTheMermaid GemTheMermaid Dec 26, 2017
Me: Help me Police!
                              Police Man: What's wrong little mermaid?
                              Me: They keep spelling stuff wrong!
                              Police Man: Guuurrrlll fo' real?
awesomegirl2828 awesomegirl2828 Sep 25, 2017
Advice:put the video at the top section because since many of us are on mobile we aren't exactly able to listen to the music while reading the text, this is just advice for later on
NekoGriffin NekoGriffin Nov 11, 2016
And first time BB talks it has to be a f@&$ing pun. Wow. Just. Wow. XD
KittyKat000000 KittyKat000000 Aug 11, 2016
O.O no words can dislike this pun! It's thy best pub for balloon boy!
sassmau4life sassmau4life Aug 10, 2016
Wait did did he just Make a PUN?!?!?!?!!?
                              I'm dying 😂😂😂😂😂