Wait For Me to Come Home | Klay Thompson (Wattys 2017)

Wait For Me to Come Home | Klay Thompson (Wattys 2017)

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sunshinensarcasm By sunshinensarcasm Updated Dec 04

When I'm away
I will remember how you kissed me
Under the lamppost
Back on 6th street
Hearing you whisper through the phone,
"Wait for me to come home."


There comes a time when we have to choose between what we want and what is right. Sometimes, what we want isn't always what's right. Sometimes what's right isn't always what we want....and it's important to know the difference.

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😂😂😂😂 How did I know it was Draymond opening his big mouth? Nervous Klay is cute 😂😂
-adomania -adomania Mar 25
Why'd I know Dray was the one that said something 🤦🏾‍♀️💀
Abriella26 Abriella26 Mar 05
I feel like this is the plight of every person who has an interest in someone. What on earth do you say?! 😩😭
Abriella26 Abriella26 Mar 05
Lies and fallacies. Choose a job you love, and then you'll be overworking yourself every day to be great at it. THAT'S what this quote should say! 
                              ....no? Just me and my scressful life? Oh. Aight den. *runs away* 😶🙃
Abriella26 Abriella26 Mar 05
1. Yeeea her genetics are DEF a thing. *eats popcorn and waits for that to become a situation*
                              2. Nothin more annoying than an attention whore. Man or woman 🙄
Abriella26 Abriella26 Mar 05
The Warriors should win the NBA award for most petty erry year 😂😭