~Vampire~ (KuroKen)

~Vampire~ (KuroKen)

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Oh, worm? By rainfever Completed

Kuroo is a vampire prince who is forced to be set up with a human. The only thing is, Kenma wasn't notified that he was the chosen person.


So angsty but also very fluffy wHAT

hhhh so I wrote the first chapters when I was just starting, but it gets a lot better after chapter 3 trust me.

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Queen_Of_Snookers Queen_Of_Snookers Sep 24, 2017
Kenma don't argue with someone that sexy just accept it !!!! >-<
NeKozuMeme_KenMum NeKozuMeme_KenMum Apr 04, 2017
W  H  E  E  Z  E
                              Kuro can't just go and say to Kenma's face without the pudding head flipping him up XD
ArrowsFox ArrowsFox Sep 17, 2017
I just grabbed some noddles and am so ready to dive into this story
I know right miss snooker I'd be like BITCH YUUUUUUUUSSSSSS I LOVE YOU ,  YOU SEXY VAMPIRE
getlohst getlohst Feb 12, 2017
all i can think of is the music video for "a little less candles a little more touch me" by fall out boy
orphan__account orphan__account Nov 13, 2016
Yeah, good luck with getting kenma to be your wife. Unless he's not going to be a defiant, sassy teenager like I'm predicting.