His for the Taking

His for the Taking

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(COMPLETED) His full lips were curled into a smirk as he grabbed her by the arm roughly. "And who might you be?" He asked her while she heard her father mutter something in a language she didn't know.

"Estefania De Luca," she answered him as his smirk slowly turned into a smile. She wanted to break free from him and run to her father, but she knew that would only cause a bigger mess for her to clean up and she did not want to get into trouble with Dominic. Her father already was.

She watched as he slowly turned to her father and laughed. "De Luca I didn't know your little daughter was so adorable," he said while her father just groaned out in pain. She instinctively tried to move forward only to be roughly yanked back by Dominic. "How old are you again kitten?"

Stef tried to turn to her mother but he took her chin in his big hands and forced her to look at him. "I..I just turned eighteen," she forced out of her mouth. 

Dominic Moretti doesn't care about anything or anyone except for the family business and money. Uses women like trash and treats people like it too. So when an opportunity pops up for him to be head over the family business and have more money, what's a guy to do? There's only one problem. Dominic has to settle down, and get married.                                                           

Estefania De Luca is your average teenager. Pretty, sweet, shy, and just graduating high school. She has no experience with the harsh brutal world of violence. What's a girl to do when she's forced into such ferocious world with a man who could care less about her? 

What happens when these two cross paths?

*Cover by: @duhmeter
**Steamy Chapter is private

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tammygirl1300 tammygirl1300 Jun 18, 2017
Well that won't work out... I believe in very long engagements... And well I don't love you sooo yeah that would be a problem...
citygirlsp1412 citygirlsp1412 Jan 27, 2016
Estefania is a girl right? So isn't it should be bambina not bambino and piccola not piccolo.
Ghost_bird56 Ghost_bird56 Aug 03, 2016
I love this book so far. Great description. I appreciate a good author
mandi_m94 mandi_m94 Feb 14, 2016
The endearments should end in an 'a' because she is a female... Sorry, it's just a bit bothersome :)
citygirlsp1412 citygirlsp1412 Jan 27, 2016
I love how you put Italian words in this story since it's sort of mafia-related story. 
                              Grammar mistakes? Only a few, no biggie.
AbigailBraga AbigailBraga Feb 08, 2016
When he comes to collect you, tell him you have man parts and that you are on your way to finishing your sex change.