He's a Senior and I'm the Freshman

He's a Senior and I'm the Freshman

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My alarm clock woke me up on an early Thursday Morning.

I slowly lifted my self up on my elbows to see the time. The small alarm clock next to me said it was six o'clock in the morning. I fell back into my bed with a groan; it's too early in the morning.  

Today... I become a freshman. 

I smiled to myself and walked to my bathroom with my underwear. After I took a long shower I walked into my room, in my underwear, and opened my closet.

I took out a V-neck blue and black striped long sleeve shirt and a pair of dark jeans. I put my long, light brown hair into a mess bun, put on a little make up and left my room, with my backpack. 

"Morning, honey" my mom said to me as I walked down stairs. 

"Hey momma" I said making my breakfast.

After I was done my breakfast my sister came down stairs in a black mini skirt and a low V-neck pink shirt. 

"Hey mom is this skirt long enough?" asked my sister, Chelsea.

My mom looked up form the paper she was reading. "Yeah"

"Perfect" Chelsea said ...

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LaGata14 LaGata14 Mar 20, 2016
OMG! I actually thought of the same thing! 🎤 Just shut up and drive drive drive!
the__fighter the__fighter Oct 31, 2016
Ohhhh myyyy gooodddd I just commented that on the paragraph before this one
Kota_Marie Kota_Marie Nov 27, 2016
Legit I ve got 3 gay guy friends and I love them all to death
the__fighter the__fighter Oct 31, 2016
My mom would have said you finally got here. Now hurry up and eat.
officialcarlazuz officialcarlazuz Nov 25, 2016
SeliHoran96 SeliHoran96 Aug 16, 2015
When im a senior, my bro will be too. Difference is is that for me its highschool and for him its university