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Individual Romance Role Plays!!!

Individual Romance Role Plays!!!

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FNAF FANGIRL!!! By Gizzy_Da_Oreo Updated Feb 10

Eager for early romance? Come here! You can experience what these other people feel... Listen to their gruesome past, help them out with it, and in the meantime, get a little romantic ;D

If any of you desire these romantic scenes, join along in this role play of sorrow and happiness!!!

Name : Mizyuki Tekoya
                              Age : 15 
                              Gender : Female
                              Sexuality :
                              Smut :
                              Species : Human
                              Appearance : ( basically my profile pic )
                              Personality : loner, dark, kind and caring when you know her, 
                              Back story : she lives in the forests with wolves since young age.
                              Other : 
                              Pass : AWESOMENESS
                              *depends on rp*
                              *profile picture*
                              Yandere,out going
                              42-42-564 when you need him, knocked on death's door
Name: Jack Castel
                              Age: depend on rp
                              Sexuality: bi (leans more to guys)
                              Gender: male
                              Smut: sure, why not
                              Species: Son of poseidon, Ocean Prince
                              Looks: like my profile pic
                              Personality: savage sometimes, daring, depressed, cold-hearted at times
                              Other: nothing else
Name: Winter Red
                              Age: depends on rp
                              Gender: female
                              Sexuality: Bisexual
                              Smut: it's fine 
                              Species: Neko
                              Looks: profile picture
                              Personality: kind, lonely, shy, nerdy, sad, playful
Mey-Rin-22 Mey-Rin-22 Apr 09
Name: Liv 
                              Age: Depends on Rp 
                              Gender: Female
                              Sexuality: Bisexual
                              Smut: it's fine
                              Species: Human
                              Looks: She blonde hair that is in a high ponytail, Blue eyes, Blue pants, A blue and white shirt with a black vest on top, and a black skirt
                              Personality: Kind, quiet, stubborn, happy, and loyal.
N: Shelly 
                              A: 16
                              G: Female 
                              S: Straight  
                              S: Kinda 
                              S: Human 
                              A: Profile picture. Dress White wedges
                              P: Shy, quiet, Likes to be alone or with three people. 
                              BS: Abandoned by her parents at age ten. 
                              Pass: AWESOMENESS