It's a Street Thing

It's a Street Thing

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✨IG: Xiangxin__✨ By Xiangxin__ Updated Feb 04, 2017

Everyone has a little hustle in them. Whether it's selling drugs, making sure food on the table every night, or doing something that you love. 

Following after his father Alejandro, Adriano takes up an interest in boxing. It's his dream to go far with it. Maybe even get better than his own Dad. Being the power hungry kid that he is he feels as if he can't show off his true skills. Just like his father he comes across a group of street fighters. He feels as if that's just up his alley. Not did he know it was going to be even more dangerous than the ring. Besides fighting Adriano tends to get in as much trouble as his Mom use too. He's practically the spitting image of her. He puts love and relationships aside to focus on his boxing. That doesn't stop him from getting into a few run ins with girls that he can't control.

Angel. He's a complete opposite from Adriano. He's a true hustler. A gang member from the known group DLBK that the Vasquez sisters use to be in. Everything about him is a mystery. After being evicted Lasiaira and her son Angel move back in with the Dominguez family. The past being brought up once again causes tension in the home. Will they be able to put their differences aside or will revenge get the best of them? 

Find out by reading It's a Street Thing! 

Sequel to: It's a Mixed Thing 

COVER MADE BY: TreyonnaPrimus!!

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