The Possessive Freak

The Possessive Freak

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GroovyAngel By groovyAngel Updated Aug 09, 2017

"Get out NOW." He wasn't ready to hear anything. But I think I am not fired because he just asked me to get out and dint say anything about firing me. So without further ado I started walking out of his office.

"And do keep in mind that you will do as I say" I heard him say. I turned around to see him smirking at me.

Alyssa McKenzie is a hard headed and extremely determined girl who will take no shit from anyone. She is a graduate student at Columbia University who had worked hard and earned a scholarship to be accepted in one of the prestigious university. But, now that her family is immensely drowned in debts and her father has lost all his source of income, she is forced to leave her studies and look for a job.

Ethan Hawk just like his name 'Hawk' is a predator who can destroy anyone by a simple gesture. He is a complete jerk who owns a multibillion-dollar company. He is ruthless, dominating and a womanizer and not even a leaf moves, without his permission in his office. 

When a tough girl and a dominating man meets, is it going to be a complete mess or will things turn out to be different? 

Read to find out.

A/N: Hi guys, So this is my first story on Wattpad and I know it's a complete cliché, a story of rich billionaire and a girl who works for him but I am a sucker for such stories and so you will have to bear with me. I will try to make it a little different than the other books in here. 

Also please bear with my grammar. It may not be as good as you expect but please don't leave any hate comments on the book.

Thank you. 

Hope so you guys like it.

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JulyNaa JulyNaa May 31, 2017
I don't care about the grammar as long as i understand the whole story about😉so let's begin😊
kelj17 kelj17 Oct 29, 2016
I feel so bad for ms MacKenzie she was a computer major at Columbia University. And now she dropped!!!.
kelj17 kelj17 Oct 29, 2016
You must re inslist her please.cause she was a 3rd year student. Only one more year and she will be done.  Thank you love
groovyAngel groovyAngel Aug 01, 2016
Hey @InnocentMylee16 thank you so much for reading my book. Hope I don't disappoint you in future.
InnocentMylee16 InnocentMylee16 Aug 01, 2016
Hiiii!!!  I know you won't disappoint any of your reader!!!  I really like ya book .  It was just a one chapter but it was good I like it!!! 😊😊😊😊
InnocentMylee16 InnocentMylee16 Aug 01, 2016
And  your welcome!!!  And also thanks to you too foor  writing the book!